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Reasons Why You Should Buy a Crossover

While SUVs are considered the ideal family vehicle, they are not the most practical choice, especially when driving in the city. If you like the performance of an SUV but want a vehicle that’s a little more compact and fuel-efficient, a crossover is the answer. Among their many benefits, crossovers are easier to drive, more stable, and can maneuver through small spaces quite efficiently. If you’re still on the fence about crossovers, here are 5 reasons why you should buy them. 

Cool Styling

While crossovers initially became popular because they resembled SUVs, the crossovers that are available today are designed to look fresh, comfortable, and approachable. 

Improved Efficiency

Crossovers offer a number of perks that full-size SUVs do, but with fewer compromises. Sure, you cannot expect a crossover to haul a truck or a boat, but crossovers are quite fuel-efficient. And, when gas prices start to climb, you will be thankful you have a crossover. 

Affordable Pricing

Crossovers have a lower manufacturing cost in comparison to SUVs, due to which they are more affordable. Nearly all base models of crossovers are priced between $20,000 to $25,000, and very few cost more than this price. Given this, buyers have a lot of freedom to choose a car that they really like. Of course, if you want a crossover that is more feature-rich, you will need to be prepared to pay more. 

Comes with A Number of Options

Crossovers have become more capable over the years. For instance, the Chevy Traverse can tow up to 5,200 pounds. All-wheel-drive is another option that is common, but if you opt for a base trim, you’ll likely get a front-wheel-drive and not an all-wheel-drive model. In addition, crossovers also offer minivan-like perks without the dowdy styling. These features include fold-down seats, high-end electronics, third-row seating, etc. 

Third-Row Seating

One of the best features of SUVs is that many models offer a third-row of seating. Given how popular this is, many crossover manufacturers offer this option on their models. But, it’s important to note that the third-row of seating may not always be comfortable. And, they are usually only accessible if you fold down the second-row seats. 

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